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A Brief Summary.

This Website

I decided to create this website as a source for all things about me, for anyone particularly interested in following my personal life through photography or twitter, or to see what I have been working on professionally in software development.

Personal Summary

I'm a workaholic Scotsman living in Stirling, Scotland with my lovely wife Lexy, and my puppy (doge) Tank. I'm passionate about my work in research, and I like to keep busy. Whether I'm learning a new song on my guitar, working on the latest software project, or out skiing, I'm not one to sit still.

I could explain the types of food (or coffee!) I like, or other random little facts like that, but I think life aspirations are more poignant. I plan to spend the rest of my life working here and there, trying my hand at different languages, jobs, enjoying different places & cultures.

I want to live in a homely (UK not US understanding) place with pets, books, instruments and art.

Thank you for reading.